• Editing a payment method will now show the correct location name if the location contains a period
  • POs and Store Transfers with a status of "Open" now show the correct "Qty of line items" and "Total Cost" instead of 0
  • Import of sales transaction payment history from legacy systems now shows the original date/time of the transaction instead of the date/time of import.
  • Corrected Shipping Address cellphone and fax numbers being transposed between POS and back office.
  • When a quantity of units ordered in a PO is evenly divisible by the case quantity, the quantity and cost are automatically changed to cases.
  • "Customer List with Sales" report now exclude tax from the "Total Sales" column and has 2 new columns: "Total Tax" and "Total (Tax Inclusive)"
  • "Purchase Order Detail" report now includes a sum of the Quantity column.