Back Office
  • Added the ability to join a customer to an existing membership from the Back Office.
  • Added the ability to match existing malformed product codes when scanning a UPC while using the UPC fixer.
  • Added default opening amounts for new register shifts.
  • Added the ability to post transactions and inventory value to QuickBooks Online.
  • Added event-driven cost calculations.
  • Improved performance of Supplier Purchase Planning.
  • Fixed EDI where it would cause an unexpected error when a product is not found.
  • Fixed EDI where you cannot import a file that does not have a file extension.
  • Fixed EDI to ignore leading zeros on location ID when importing from a file.
  • Fixed customer merge where loyalty was not merging correctly. 
  • Fixed quantity on hand in product movement page where it would sometimes not update.
  • Fixed several costing calculations where cost sometimes would not show correctly.
Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to unlink loyalty memberships.
  • Improved Point of Sale sync performance.
  • Fixed Loyalty Service where auto-generated loyalty cards could potentially be duplicated.
  • Fixed syncing a fresh instance would sometimes not drop the existing database.