Back Office
  • Added transaction and transaction line-item comment to the sales discount report.
  • Added the ability to print labels directly to a configured Point of Sale.
  • Added DateCreated to the SalesTransacitonLineItem column.
  • Improved weekly performance tuning on Cloud Retailer instances.
  • Fixed attribute values with Sync Chancel of none appear to sync to the POS anyway.
  • Fixed Supplier Purchase Planning where some products would not be included in the saved plan.
  • Fixed Product Import where an “Object Reference” error would occur with new a supplier that does not exist in the Back Office.
  • Fixed Purchase Order imports so they are not case sensitive.
  • Fixed copying a product would remove the sales tax on the new product when saving.
  • Fixed exporting a report would cause the wait spinner to spin indefinitely.
  • Fixed saving Purchase Orders when a product has cost is absurdly out of range (1417884098423.38). 
Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to search by company name to the Order lookup window.
  • Added auto printing of labels from the Back Office.
  • Fixed the F9 key when trying to use it at the Customer Credit Payment window.
  • Fixed Age Verification where it would not validate ID’s that had a future date.