Back Office
  • Added missing parameterization to the Not Contributing to Sales Report and Detailed No Sale Report.
  • Added the ability to pass additional Magento API parameters.
  • Added the ability to auto-generate numbers for attribute sets. 
  • Improved the product importer tool to handle departments and categories more gracefully.
  • Fixed the Magento sync process syncing too fast that causes an error 503 on the Magento server.
  • Fixed the supplier purchase planning grid when trying to delete a plan would not work as designed.
  • Fixed the supplier purchase planning report when viewing the report with the total cost column.
Point of Sale
  • Added Electronic Payment ping testing.
  • Improved performance of the sync client.
  • Removed HTML formatting in some error windows.
  • Fixed voiding line items in a work order would not remove the line item.
  • Fixed picking up items from a work order would cause an error message to appear.