Back Office
  • Fixed the Change Log report to correctly shift time zones.
  • Removed the ability for a user to toggle a report from locked to unlocked.
Point of Sale
  • Added the ability to exclude employees from joining loyalty programs.
  • Removed the TIP tender type from available tenders as it is not needed.
  • Updated electronic payments to use the latest version of the PAX SDK.
  • Improved the performance of Order sync by adding a Key Index. In some cases, this would cause a sync failure.
  • Improved performance of the POS when in some cases the program would appear frozen upon tendering payments.
  • Improved the Credit Card Batch report.
  • Fixed the option "Show at POS" for loyalty programs when setting this to true would still show the loyalty program at the POS.
  • Fixed loyalty programs that would prevent a discount from applying if "Show at POS" was never set.
  • Fixed voiding on account payments when in some cases it would not calculate the repayment correctly for the previous related transaction.
  • Fixed the sync client web address being overwritten when updating Cloud Retailer.