Back Office
  • Added Chicago bottle tax calculator.
  • Added department and category and reference number to the current orders report.
  • Added the ability to specify customized fields to attribute sets.
  • Added missing column to the product loader sample file.
  • Removed duplicate reorder number warning if the reorder number is null or empty.
  • Improved performance of Generate labels based on product changes.
  • Auto-route label printing now only shows locations that have been selected instead of all locations.
  • Warning messages will now auto-close.
  • Fixed an issue with orders not showing at a Point of Sale when they were created by the Android Mobile Tools.
  • Fixed purchase order printouts when in some cases the extended totals did not update when printed.
Point of Sale
  • Improved product search when sorted.
  • Tendering an e-commerce order will show the payment method on the top.
Uncorked Commerce
  • Products without tags will now show up on the store-front.
  • Added volumetric discounts.
  • Cardholder data will now be added to the logistics bill-to information.