Back Office

  • Corrected issue where going to generate standard gl mapping query filters produces an error
  • Corrected issue in Detailed Sales Report with Customer Data where the account number for the customer was not shown properly
  • Removed extra supplier column in the purchase order details report
  • Corrected issue with import tool that allows improper data to be imported
  • Corrected issue with loyalty where when a new loyalty program is created and the old one is disabled, the old loyalty program is still showing on POS
  • Added consider on order switch to Supplier Purchase Planner so any products that are on order from that supplier or others will be taken into consideration when making orders
  • Removed not contributing to sales items from the tax report

Point of Sale

  • Added QR code to receipts to sign up for loyalty in your eshop
  • Corrected issue where barcode login was not working after POS automatically logs user out


  • Added ability to see if customer has been able to log into eshop from POS
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