Release Notes for versions 2.26.10, 2.24.28

2.26.10, 2.24.28 

  • Back Office
    • Fixed an issue when duplicating products replaces existing products in UOM groups.
    • Corrected filters in Supplier Purchase Planner when using the "not contains" filter.
    • Fixed an issue where Supplier Purchase Plans intermittently creating 0 cost PO's 
    • Added the capability to overtender when using Cash as a payment method.
    • Add Printing and export options to the Inventory Count Filter Report 
    • Removed Google autocomplete from the Reports, Tools, and Admin search in the fly-out menu.
    • Fixed an issue with worksheets when another worksheet is already exists for the same date.
    • Colored task pad buttons now retains the color when you change the number of rows or columns
    • Improved workflow when scanning an unknown product on a Purchase Order.
    • Added an option to choose between a regular Purchase Order (default) and PO - Invoice.
    • Added capability to press CTRL + S to save any editable form.
    • Improved UX for Supplier Pricing Manager
    • Added possibility to edit change dates for worksheet on the Supplier Pricing Manager → approval step
    • Fixed ABC-73 Report now shows the correct date in the header.


  • Mobile and Back Office
    • Implement to support backward compatibility in mobile after API changes
  • Back Office
    • Optimized login page for mobile browsing
    • Added a way to update an existing shipping address using POST calls when using API's
  • Eshop
    • Product Descriptions now supports more total number of characters
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