Release Notes for versions 4.2.86, and 4.4.59

Back Office

  • Product Movement changes:
    •  Up and down arrows should allow navigation between different editable fields in the table in different row, just like it is already possible in the purchase plan table.
    • Ctrl + Right or Left arrows should trigger going to the previous/next product. when hovering over previous/next buttons, the shortcut text should be displayed
    • Ctrl + Up or Down arrows should go the the previous or next page, when hovering over previous and next buttons, the shortcut text should be displayed
    • Reduced the number of clicks when doing adjustments
    • Default The Start date field to the start of the previous month. IE, today is November 3rd 2023 have it start at October 1st 2023
    • Excluded regions from new product movement location dropdown.
    • Added current price column as read only
    • In the case of a single store location, default the location selection to the only active location.
    • Make sure that a warning is shown on window close event if there are changes to the values in the form
    • show the magnifying glass button upon hover

  • Fix an error message when running PA 166 Sales Report By Suppliers and PA 166 Sales Report By Brand reports
  • Improved Loyalty Membership Performance 
  • Improved EShop-Catalog query Performance


  • Update electronic payment transaction model to correct tender type display
  • Updated Tender Type Enumerations

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