Cloud Retailer will work with random weight barcodes if they are formatted correctly.  Please see the procedure below for details.  If a customer has a product that starts with a 2 but is not a weighted product, then use the steps at the end of this article to prevent the system from acknowledging weighted barcodes. The system can have issues scanning some barcodes if weighted barcodes are setup for non-weighted items.



A random weight barcode consists of three parts.

  1. Barcode Identifier (one digit)
  2. Product Identifier (five digits)
  3. The random weight (six digits)

The barcode will always begin with the number two, followed by the product identifier then ended with six 0's.

The total barcode will be exactly twelve digits in length.

Example: A bag of Grapes is identified by the number 74125, the product code to use in Cloud Retailer would be 274125000000.


Cloud Retailer is designed to recognize weighted barcodes if the UPC starts with a "2" and if the UPC is 12 or 13 digits long. If the UPC does not meet those requirements, it will not scan as a weighted item. To disable weighted barcodes, follow these steps.

 1. Log into the customer's back office

2. Go to Admin--->Admin Catalog--->Global Entity Settings



3. Scroll down and click on the Products tab


4. Scroll up and delete the "Random weight product code RegEx" entry. Then replace it with the following:




Then click save

5. After saving, resync all registers then close and reopen the POS software.



The registers should now be able to scan the barcodes starting with 2