What to expect if the internet goes down OR server outages occur

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    This article is to explain what to expect at the POS if the internet goes down or there is some kind of outage that takes place.  Depending on what functionalities you use some of the scenarios given may not apply.



If you see this prompt and your internet connection is down, simply hit "Continue".  All transactions and other data will be saved until the connection resumes at which point data synchronization should automatically occur.
If you are using customer loyalty you will see an additional prompt:
If you choose "Proceed" the POS will open and each time you select a customer you will get a warning message that loyalty is unavailable and the system will continue to try to connect with each customer selection.  This can slow things down for cashiers.

If you "Disable real time loyalty" these prompts will not appear.  You can re-enable real time loyalty (or disable it for that matter) by closing and reopen the POS. 

Regardless of the option you choose - if connectivity is not available:

1)  You will NOT be able to redeem rewards
2)  Loyalty points total will NOT display on screen and will not print on receipts however they will accumulate once synchronization resumes.

If the POS has not synchronized in more than 24 hours you will see a message like this:

If you see this, reboot your computer and confirm that you are connected to the internet.  Once you hit "Close" the POS will continue to load and you can use it to process ales, however it is important to resolve this issue in a timely fashion as your sales data is not synchronizing with the cloud while whatever the connectivity problem persists.


As mentioned above - if you choose the "Proceed" option during POS startup OR connectivity drops while the POS is open you will see this message:
If you want these types of messages to discontinue, reopen the POS and choose the option to disable real time loyalty.


If you attempt to sell or redeem a gift card you will see a message like this:
Gift cards and on account tenders or payments require real time connectivity.  You will need to either wait for communications to resume before you can use these functions


If you choose the option to find out about product availability you will see this message as checking quantity on hand requires real time connectivity.
Prompts apply to users of POS version 1.14.10 or later

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