This guide will show you how to fix a discrepancy between a customer's total points as shown in the back office and the total points as shown on the POS. If there are intermittent connection issues, the POS may be able to reserve a loyalty reward, but may not change it to a redeemed reward. If this happens, the point total on the POS will be different than what is available in the back office. The following steps will run a process that corrects any outstanding points earned or spent. This will fix most issues where the point total on the POS does not match what is in the back office.


1. In your cloud retailer back office, go to the "Tools" tab

2. In the search bar, type "Integration processes" and click on "Integration processes" from the list

3. In the search bar, type "loyalty" and click the magnifying glass search button

4. Select "Loyalty fix operations process" and click on the blue "Edit Selected Integration Process(s)" button (This will open a new tab)

5. On the far right of the screen is a "Parameters" box. Copy and paste the following text (including the squiggly brackets) into that box:


6. Change the XXX in the text above to the Device ID number you want to run this process on.

NOTE: You must change the XXX to a valid Device ID or the process will not run. If you do not know how to find the Device ID for a POS, follow this guide:

Locate a Register's Device ID 

If the Device ID is only one or two digits long (ex. 4 or 83), you only need to enter the one or two digits. DO NOT enter any leading zeros before the number (ex. 004 or 083). Doing so will cause the process to fail.

7. Click the orange "Save" button

8. Click the orange "Run" button (This will open a new tab)

9. Click the blue "Run" button. The process will take about 30 seconds to complete.

10. Click the blue "Done" button

11. Click through the open tabs and go to the tab that contains "Edit Integration Process" in gray letters on the top left of the page. Repeat steps 6-10 to run this process on all the POS computers you need to run it on.