This procedure will allow the POS to sell an item and give a discount for another item. 

You have to create 2 discounts for this; the first one is any discount type that is applicable to the product, I am going to use percent off as an example. And the second is compound discount. The Compound discount contains the product (X) that will trigger the discount of the second Item (Y)


Part 1

  1. Open your browser and log in to your Cloud Retailer Instance.
  2. Click on Admin and search for Custom Discount.
  3. I am going to use  percent off engine for my discount and make it so that the product will get a 10% discount. Click on the link on how to create a discount step by step. 
  4. I saved this discount as "Buy X get Y discounted"

This is how my discount looks like:

Part 2

  1.    Create another discount, But here you have to create it in Product discount so it will apply the discount automatically. 
  2. Now create another discount but here use composite as the engine. Use the filter to choose which product triggers the discount we created earlier. In this example, I used any products that have Marlboro in the description. 
  3. Under discount Engine parameters, enter the discount name you created in Part 1. In this case, I am going to use "Buy X get Y discounted".
  4. Click save and sync your POS. This is how my discount look like:
  5. Relaunch the POS and you're done.