You made a manual change to a product's quantity or cost and you realize that you made a mistake.  You either put in the wrong value or need to have it occur on a different past date.  You are in luck.  Cloud Retailer will allow you to fix it.


  1. Open the properties of the product and click on the "On hand"  value.  
  2. The Product Movement Report for the item will appear.  You should see that you can edit the 1. Movement Date  2. Quantity 3. Cost.  If you change the "Original Qty" it will put the value in the "Adjusted Qty" and "On hand After"  If you are not able to edit those fields, you might not have the permissions.  See for more information on this. You are not able to adjust the values of sales or physical inventories.
  3. Click the Adjust button and then the Save button to complete the change.
  4. Verify that it gives you the result that you are looking for.

Here is a video showing the above procedure: