Back Office
  • Fixed the end of day report when deposits on orders did not always show up.
  • Fixed the label queue when products are marked "available at location" did not add to the label queue.
  • Fixed the Magento integration when trying to connect to a secure site that only supports SSL/TLS 1.2.
  • Fixed the Magento integration when the tax was imported incorrectly.
  • Added loyalty expiration date to customer import.
  • Added RenewMembershipOperation to the loyalty membership log.
Point of Sale
  • Fixed renew expired memberships on tender global entity setting not working as expected.
  • Fixed expired loyalty memberships when a transaction would still acquire new points.
  • Fixed recalling an order would not always show the correct bill-to / ship-to address.
  • Added the ability for the Magento integration to also create a shipping line item at the time of recall.