Release Notes for versions 2.26.18 and Eshop 2.26.8

Back Office

  • Add a link to the products edit page showing product change history
  • Fixed an issue where the Sales Transaction receipt search in customer page is displaying wrong receipts


  • Responsive font sizes are now configurable
  • The amount of product tiles in a row is now configurable
  • Crossed out text should be smaller (it is only used for price before sale)
  • Added support for product tiles configuration

where do we find this? will it show the date the item was entered into system?

"Add a link to the products edit page showing product change history"


I would also like to know Michelle's question-- where is that link located?



You can find this going to a product in you back office, and just beside the Save button on the right, click on the three (3) dots and click on show recent product change.

You can change the dates in the report if you want to have a wider date range. 

I hope this answers your question

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Hey Michael,

I remembered this conversation and realized I still do not have that button present. Does an update need to roll out to our system?

Thank you,


Hi Zachary, 

Yes, an update need to be rolled out. I will queue you up for if you want to proceed with it. 

Best Regards,


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