You can automate POS workflows by making use the "CMD" function for POS.  By using this function, you can access any function the POS is capable of.  You could write an AutoHotKey script (as an example) that would activate various functions of the POS, or scan a barcode to activate a function.  These are also the same functions that get assigned to POS task pad buttons.


To execute a command:

  1. Send an STX ASCII character
  2. Send the text "CMD" then a space
  3. Send the contents of the command along with parameters
  4. Send the ETX ASCII character

A barcode scanner configured for Cloud Retailer should automatically send the STX and ETX characters.

An example of a command to execute a custom discount could be:

CMD CloudRetailer.Plugins.Discounting.Pos.PerformCustomDiscount {Range: 'CurrentLineItem', CustomDiscountId: '145F83B5-EA38-4DF2-8806-15A64503C972'}

This would execute a discount you had set up with the ID of 145F83B5-EA38-4DF2-8806-15A64503C972

A barcode scanner could execute one of these commands but you could potentially chain multiple commands together using something like AutoHotKey.  To view all commands that are accessible to you create an "ExecuteCommand" button on one of your task pads (a custom type button) and then click it.  When you do you will get a list of all CMD options.

To get information on all commands that are available at the POS see this article: POS Commands (Technical)