There are many.. many commands that you can utilize at the POS to achieve various functions and workflows.  Nearly anything that the POS can do can be executed through these scripts.  The POS commands are accessible through task pads (the buttons at the POS), they can be embedded and executed through barcodes (execute a coupon discount, assign a customer to a transaction, etc), through an Autohotkey script, or a command can be executed when a specific product is added to the POS (through product entity settings).  Additionally, you can execute not just a single command but can string multiple commands together using the "Compose" command.


In order to view all the commands accessible to you inside the system we recommend that you add a new button to the manager or other task pad called "ExecuteCommand" - like this:

When you click this button at the POS you'll see this screen:

You can select any command available in the system and get some details about what it does, the parameters it accepts and you can test it.  If your permissions at the POS do not allow you to fire one of these commands you will be stopped from doing so.  Additionally, the "Print All" button will print a list of every command in the system and a reasonable amount of detail on the command to explain it's function.

Make sure to limit accessibility to this button using the button permissions.  Enjoy!

Here is a video showing the above procedure: