Android handheld scanner.

Power button is the black button on the right side towards the back of the scanner.

The trigger and front of the scanner.

Charging station for the scanner. Left red light indicates that the base is plugged in.

To charge insert the back of the handheld into the base, making sure that it docks all the way. If it isn't docked the second red light will not turn on.

Correct docking of the handheld. Please note that the second light on the base is lit, and the red light on the top is lit. Once it charges to 100% the red light at the top will turn blue.

Some additional Notes:

  1. The Mobile Scanner hardware has been updated: here is a link to an overview video: https://youtu.be/HE9fG8VnL4Q
  2. Training on the use of the Mobile Scanner can be found using this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1mW54-1eq4&list=PLTrmgeBl8mbNnydQblFAB0rtzVXzdQET_