Epson TM-T88 Series Printer

Lights on the printer. Green light at the top indicates power, red light in the middle indicates error status, red light at the bottom indicates paper is low/empty.

Label on the side indicates which TM-T88 series printer you have.

Inside of the TM-T88 series printer.

When installing a new roll of paper, make sure the paper comes underneath the roll towards the front of the printer.

Do not install the paper where the paper unrolls over the paper in the printer. This can cause paper jams and will prevent the printer from putting anything on paper.

Connections on the back of the TM-T88 series printer. On the left is the cash drawer cable. In the middle is the power cable, and on the end is the USB cable.

The cash drawer cable looks like a phone cable and plugs into the back of the printer. Please be aware that these cables are one direction. If plugged in incorrectly it can cause errors and the cash drawer will not open.

A comparison between an ethernet cable(left) and a phone cable specifically an RJ12 phone cable
Power brick for the Epson printer. It does detach from the power cable from the outlet.

If the printer doesn't have power, please check the power brick and make sure that the cable is inserted all the way into the power brick.