Cloud Retailer Compute Usage Based Pricing Information

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As a business intelligence platform, Cloud Retailer uses the processing power of computer servers and networks to provide you with inventory data, sales reporting, product management, etc.  This computing power has significant costs.

A majority of these operations are covered under your monthly subscription fees.   Custom, non-standard, and enterprise-level resources are not.

Specifically, these are:

  1. Reporting notifications
  2. API usage
  3. Custom Cloud Retailer Integration Processes (CRIP)
  4. "Heavy" database usage (defined below)

Please note that this document does not include the direct costs associated with customization work (billed on a project-by-project basis) - it speaks only to usage-based resource costs.



"Heavy" database usage - 

Usage-based pricing is paid for through "API packs" and "Data packs".

Data packs are simply a payment for database space beyond the 2GB per paid POS monthly subscription fee.  Data packs are sold in 2GB allotments.

For example, if you have 6 active POS stations and your database is 14 GB you would need (1) data pack.  Example, 6 POS X 2GB = 12GB + extra datapack = 14GB.  The computed value for this would be whatever the size of your database is on the first day of the billing cycle.

You CAN remove historical data to reduce the size of your database.

In summary, API packs are consumed by:

  1. Each call to our standard API counts as one use.
  2. Each use of a custom report counts as multiple calls based on the number of tables involved n the report, the size of those tables, and the complexity of the computed values.
  3. Each step in a Cloud Retailer integration process counts as one API call each time the process executes.

These are computed based on monthly use.  API packs are sold in 1500 call packs.

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