This article will walk you through joining an open Cloud Retailer Inventory Count as well as how to add counted products.

NOTE: Inventory Counting can be joined by any valid Cloud Retailer Employee from any web browser, including (but not limited to) on Laptops, Chromebooks, tables and phones!  In addition, please ask our Customer Success team about our Cloud Retailer mobile application!


  1. Log into your Cloud Retailer Back Office
  2. From the left-hand menu, click Tools -> Inventory counting
  3. On the Inventory Count list page:
    1. Select the Inventory Count you wish to join from the grid
    2. Click the Join Inventory Count button
      NOTE: You can ALSO join a count from the main Inventory Count list page (instead of clicking on Join Inventory Count button in #3.b. above you can click on the Join Inventory Count button).  You can also click the Print a QR code to join the count button to print out a QR code to make joining easy on mobile devices.
  4. On the Shared Inventory Count page:
    1. Scan a barcode or start typing into the Product field
    2. Enter in a Qty counted
    3. Click the Add (+) button (or press the enter key on the keyboard)
    4. Repeat for each item (or section of items) you wish to count

      NOTE: When scanning the same product multiple times, Cloud Retailer will combine the totals, though you will still be able to see the count history.

    5. When you are finished counting, simply close the web page (all changes are saved on the server)

WARNING: Cloud Retailer Inventory Counting assumes that you will enter a count value for every Product that was added to it.  If a Product is present on a count when Finalized, but no count data was entered, a quantity of 0 will be assumed.

NEXT STEPS: From this point you can Finalize an Inventory Count.