Thank you for selecting Cloud Retailer as your beer, wine, and liquor store point of sale system. To fully start using Dual Pricing (and start increasing monthly revenue by $2000+ each month), an application must be completed as outlined below.


  1. Have the following information handy:
    1. Business Name, address, and contact information.
    2. TIN/EIN number.
    3. SIC/MCC code (normally 5921 (package stores))
    4. Business banking information
    5. Name and contact information for all business owners and officers
    6. Average monthly credit card processing volume
    7. Average transaction amount
  2. The online version of the application can be accessed here: https://apply.paymentshub.com/?source=54717.1


  • Online Application
  • Paper Application (download via attachment below and then email to sales@rite.us or fax to 320-230-1796)
  • Need assistance? Contact us at sales@rite.us or 888-267-7483