Using the Cash Only package in Cloud Retailer

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This Knowledge Base article will guide you on how to set up products to be only paid for with cash. This feature is only available on versions 4.2.50 and 4.4.23 or later. Contact support if you would like this feature enabled in your back office.

**IMPORTANT** If a customer wants to pay for products that are not cash-only with a different payment method it will need to be done on a separate transaction.

How it works - Back Office

  • Once the Cash Only package is installed in Cloud Retailer, it creates a setting in the product categories section of the back office, which you can see by clicking on Products, Product Categories.

  • Once you are in product categories, select the category permission you would like to change and click Edit Selected Product Category

  • At the bottom of the page, there is a new drop-down called Payment Method Blocking and there are three settings that are detailed below.
    • Inherit - This looks at the parent Department or Category, if it is set to allow then this Category/Sub-Category will be set to allow. By default all categories are set to Inherit. As you can see, when Inherit is selected it will tell you what the setting for this Category will be. If the Department is set to Inherit, then by default this will be the same as setting it to Allow

    • Allow - Products assigned in a category set to Allow can be paid for with all payment methods

    • Do not allow - Product assigned in a category set to Do not allow can ONLY be paid with cash

  • Cloud Retailer looks at the bottom-most category to determine eligibility. If a product is assigned a Department/Category/Sub-Category that product will look at the setting on the Sub-Category. If a product is assigned a Department/Category only then it will look at the setting on the Category and not go any further. Video explaining all this is below.

  • Once everything is set in the back office, you MUST sync and restart your register. Whenever a change is made to a product category that would change the behavior of the product, Cloud Retailer must be restarted or the settings won't take effect. This ONLY applies to changes made to categories, it DOES NOT apply to new products or changes made to products.

How it works - POS

  • When a product is added to the point of sale that is cash only, when the transaction moves to collecting payment all payment methods will be greyed out except cash.

  • If a cashier attempts to collect anything but cash for payment Cloud Retailer will tell the cashier which products are preventing that payment method from being used.

  • If the cashier goes back to the transaction and removes the cash-only product from the transaction this will allow all payment methods to be available again at the end of the transaction.

Here is a video explaining how to set this up:

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