There are a couple of methods to handle opening cash at the register.  Please review the procedure below and pick what works best for your workflow.  


First, if you have a static opening amount that does not change, use the default opening amount function in register settings to set this value.  This is a no prompt solution that will always set the same opening amount for the tender specified.

Go to Admin > Device / register list > then scroll down to under the default label to choose an opening tender, and the static opening amount.  Here is a video demonstration for this:

Alternatively, non-static opening amounts are traditionally done in the back office in cloud retailer.  We have made a customization that will prompt for cash opening amounts at the POS specifically.  Please note this must be requested from RITE staff if not available currently with your setup (support@rite.us or 888-267-7483).

You will see the prompt to enter the opening amounts when you sign into the POS the first time after the previous shift has been closed.  If there are any timeclock prompts for your setup, you will see the form after you have taken care of the time clock prompt.

Once you see the form, simply enter your opening cash value into the amount box and click OK.  You will not see this prompt again until you close the current shift and are ready to start the next one.

Please note this is for cash only and other payment methods that require opening amounts must be entered in the back office.  

Average Time to Complete

10 minutes