This article will detail how to install and configure the Cloud Retailer POS.


To install the POS client, do the following:

1)  Download the installer by logging into Cloud Retailer then going to the Admin tab > Download latest POS full installer.  In the screenshot below you can see I've typed in "down" for a search phrase to make it easier to find the link.

2)  Run the installer and follow the instructions.  When prompted for a location for temp files, simply click OK.  When you're prompted you'll need to insert the company instance name (example demoliquor for demoliquor.cloudretailer.com), the port (always 443), and the sync token for the register.


If you don't have your sync token follow these steps to get it:

  1. Click on the Admin tab > Device / Register list
  2. Click on the register you need the token for and click Edit Selected Register
  3. Scroll down until you see the Register Synchronization section. The Device Sync Token the installer is asking for is the Authentication Token 

3)  When the installer completes make sure you check the box "Launch Cloud Retailer Configuration Editor (see below).

4)  You'll now see our synchronization utility.  This process runs in the background automatically after the first synchronization of your POS.  Click the "Update" button to start.  Depending on the size of your database this can take a few minutes.

5)  Once the sync finishes you should see a message that says "Success with no warnings!".  You can now close this and open the POS application (shortcut located on the desktop).

If the register does not sync, or you need help with this process, please give us a call. There is a $90 flat fee for installation assistance.

Getting a Security Warning message when trying to install the Cloud Retailer POS Client? This video covers what to do:

You can also follow the 2 steps in the images below to bypass the error message: