This article will detail how to set a POS button to tender a specific amount.  


These instructions assume you have the task pad created prior to proceeding to the steps below. 

  1. Log in to the Back Office.

  2. Click on “Admin” then search for “Task Pads” and select it.

  3. A list of available task pads will populate on the left side of the screen. 

  4. Click the task pad that contains the button you want to add a specific tender dollar amount.  

  5. On the Task pad preview, click the button you want to add a specific tender dollar amount.

  6. The button properties will appear to the right of the Task pad preview, or below it.

  7. Enter in the text you would like to show on the button in the Text field. (See screenshot below.)

  8. Verify the Is enabled field is checked. (See screenshot below.)

  9. Click into the Color field and choose a color from the list if you wish to assign a color to the button. (See screenshot below.)

  10. In the Command field enter Take Payment and select Sales: Take Payment from the list. (See screenshot below.)

  11. Click on the icon to the right of the text box below. Sales: Take Payment (See screenshot below.)

  12. On the Edit command parameter click on Properties.  

  13. On the dropdown menu, click the box before Payment Code and Amount.

  14. Enter in the tender type in the Payment Code field (i.e. cash, debit, etc.).

  15. Enter in the specific dollar amount in the Amount field (i.e. 20, 50, etc.). 

  16. Click the Submit button. 

  17. Scroll back to the top and click Save

  1. Sign out of POS and sign back in to view the update. 

There are substantial training videos on the topic of creating task pads, and we strongly recommend that you review these.

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