Setting up a price override button - tips and tricks

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   The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to set up a price override button.  


If you want to create a button that allows a cashier to override the current price of a product you can do that by using the "SetSelectedLineItemSoldPriceCommand".  When the cashier uses this they will see a form similar to this:

But.. what if you want the user to provide a comment relating to WHY they are overriding the price, or what if you want to set one for them automatically?  What if you want to control which of the three buttons highlighted in purple above you want them to have access to?

Well, you can do that!

One of the parameters you can pass to the SetSelectedLineItemSoldPriceCommand is comment, you can also set a true/false value for which of the buttons you want to appear.  The three parameters for the buttons are: HasDiscountPriceChange, HasBasePriceChange and HasDiscountReset.

Here's an example of a button that one customer setup for Amazon price matches:

You can see that the base price change button will be disabled on the prompt.  This was setup on the discounting task pad that appears when the cashier clicks on the price of a product for ease of access.

Here's another example where we used the CloudRetailer.Pos.Sales.Compose command which allows you to execute multiple commands.  In this case we're firing off a prompt to set the comment on the line (cashier will be prompted), then allowing them to modify the price.
Please note that the compose command will simply fire off each of the commands in the order listed - if a user cancels the comment function it will still prompt to update price.  Alternatively if the comment is set but the price override prompt is canceled then it will still apply the comment.  We realize that this is a limitation however we feel it's better to provide you with the tools and allow you to determine how you will or will not use them.

Here is a video highlighting the above procedure:

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