Some reasons you would want to use Product Change worksheets is to change a multiple products at once, set them on sale for a specific time.


There are two ways you can complete this.
  1. Using the Back Office
  2. Using the import utility

Using the Back Office to Create Product Change Worksheets
To access the “Product Change Worksheet”.
  1. Log in to the back office and click on “Tools”.

  2. Search for “Product Change Worksheet” and click on it when it shows in the results.

  3. Click “Create New Product Change Worksheet”.

  4. You will need to select or enter at least the following.
    1. Reference Number.
      1. This can be a number or words.
    2. Status.
      1. Open.
        This means that it is open and not in effect yet. It can be edited still.
      2. Approved.
        This means that it is closed and has been put in place. It can not be edited any further once it runs.
      3. Cancelled.
        This means it was cancelled so that will have no effect on the system. It can not be edited any further unless the status is changed.
      4. MultiUse.
        This will stay active after it has run and can be used again.
    3. Notes.
      This can be used to give you a reference to what this Product Change Worksheet is intended to be used for.
    4. Location(s).
      If you have more than one location this will allow you to choose to change a property for a product at a certain location or multiple locations.
    5. Change Date
      The date and time you would like the changes to be applied.
    6. Property to Change.
      This is so you can change things such as Price, Sale, and Entity Settings. This is a dropdown with the options you can choose from.
    7. RegularPrice.
      This will change the Regular Price on a product.
    8. Price A, B, or C.
      This will change the Price A, B, or C on a product.
    9. SalePrice.
      This will change the Sale Price on a product.
    10. PriceLowerBounds.
      This will change the Lower Bound Price on a product.
    11. PriceUpperBounds.
      This will change the Upper Bound Price on a product.
    12. EntitySetting.
      This is tied to a Product Discount that has the “Product Setting” “Discount Engine Type” It will set the discount to apply Immediately.
    13. SaleEntitySetting.
      This is similar to the Entity Setting but allows you to set a date and time for the start and finish. For example you can have this start on Monday at 2:00 pm and stop at 5:00 pm.

  5. Add a Product(s).

  6. Based on what you chose for the Property to Change you will now adjust the setting(s) that are displayed for the product.

  7. Click "Save".

  8. Once you approve the Product Change worksheet you will be able to print labels based on the products in the worksheet.

Using the Back Office to Create Product Import Worksheets

You can also import Product Change Worksheets with Delimited files. These can be either Tab or CSV delimited files.  Do not use the dollar sign $ for prices.  It is not needed and can cause issues.
  1. Log in to the Back Office and click on "Tools" > "Import Tools".
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select “Worksheets”.
  3. Here you can create a bunch of changes at once. If you need an example download the Sample file.
  4. You will need to add a line per product you want added to a worksheet. To tie them together have the same Reference Number. If you use a separate Reference Number it will create a separate worksheet.
  5. You need a minimum of the following in order to import properly.
    1. ReferenceNumber
    2. ChangedProperty
    3. Code
    4. Value
    5. Location
  6. Once you have the data you want to import you will save the file and then drag the file(s) to where it says “Drop files here to upload”.

Reference Video
Here is a video for a quick reference for how both of these work.