Magento: I don't see products or recent changes on my site

Modified on Mon, 18 Jul 2022 at 03:52 PM


   In some cases, you may find that products are not showing up or see recent changes on the frontend of your Magneto site. Please note that the Magento to Cloud Retailer integration is no longer available to new customers. The information below is for existing users only. 


A majority of the time, it is because Magento needs to be reindexed. This process can only be done in Magento.
  1. Go to System > Index Management and check indexers status.
  2. Select the items that are marked as "Reindex required" and go to Actions > Update on schedule
This will trigger a reindex for selected indexers.It is a requirement to have a cron scheduled to reindex your Magneto site daily, it can be as frequent as every 30 minutes. Speak to your Magento provider to make sure this has been set up.

If you have a scheduled cron job running and still have problems, look below from some troubleshooting steps.

While logged in to the Cloud Retailer Back Office:
  1. Verify the information looks correct in Cloud Retailer.
    Log in to your Cloud Retailer back office. Click on "Products" and search for the product in question.

  2. Be sure the "Is Magento Website Enabled?" is checked.

  3. Be sure the "Stock Status (In Stock)" is checked, under the Product Tabbed Attributes.
While logged into your Magento Admin Panel:
  1. Verify the information looks correct in the Magento backend (this is different than your frontend).
    Log in to your Magento Admin Panel, click on "Catalog > Products" and search for the product in question.

  2. Depending on the Magento site settings, not in-stock products will be omitted.
    If your site does omit not in-stock products, be sure you have 1 or more on hand.

  3. Run a manual reindex on your Magento site. Speak to your Magento provider to see how this can be done.
If the information still does not look correct between the two after following the steps above, please contact and we can investigate the issue.

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