There are two useful reports for tracking changes to your products in Cloud Retailer: Changes on Products, and Recent Price Changes.


Changes on Products Report

The Changes on Products report shows all the changes made to all products.
  • By default, the date range is the past year, so you will probably want to narrow this range down to the period you are interested in.
  • The Name column indicates the property that was changed (RegularPrice, Description, etc.). There will be one row for each property that was changed when a product is saved.
  • The New Value column indicates the value of the property after the change.
  • The State column indicates whether the change was due to a new product being added (Added) or due to an existing product being changed (Modified)
    • When the State is equal to Modified, the Previous Value column indicates what the value of the property was before the change.
    • You may often want to see only modifications made to products and not new products being added. You can add a filter for State equals Modified to accomplish this.
  • The Modified By column indicates the user name of the employee that made the change.

Video Showing the Changes on Products Report:

Recent Price Changes Report

The Recent Price Changes report is a simplified version of the Changes on Products report that only reports on price-related properties (RegularPrice, Sale Price, SalesTaxId, etc). In all other ways, it works just like the Changes on Products report detailed above.
  • By default, the date range is only the current day.

Here is a quick look at the Recent Price Changes Report: