Setup commission for sale representatives

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   Cloud Retailer offers two methods for your sales representatives to earn commission on sales.

Applies to: Cloud Retailer version or later.


Method 1 - Fixed amount:
The amount the salesperson will receive for each unit sold. 
Method 2 - Percent of sale (%):
The percent commission the salesperson will receive for every item sold.
Setting up the Salesperson
  1. Navigate to Admin > View existing users.
  2. Select the user who will become a salesperson and click "Edit selected Employee".
  3. Under the "Employee Tabbed Attribute Set Form" select Commission.
    3.1    In certain cases, this section may be blank as in the image below :

        3.2 To resolve this, click on Admin> Attribute sets>Search for "employee"

        3.3 Select "Commission" and click Edit Selected Attribute Set

        3.4 Make sure that the "Group" field is showing "Default" and not "!Default"

   3.5 Click on Save and go back to Step 1

    4. To enable commission, make sure the "Can earn commission" is checked. 

   5. Enter a value for the Fixed Amount or Percent of Sale.
If you do not want to use a specific option, enter a zero.

  1. Click "Save" when finished. 

Setting up products that are eligible for commission
  1. Navigate to Products > Catalog, search for a product to edit.
  2. Add the tag "Commission" to the product.

  3. If you have multiple products to update, you can import product tags using a Product Import File.
    You can use the following format: 
    Code, ProductTag:1
    400000000015, Commission

Creating the "Set Salesperson" button
  1. Navigate to Admin > Task Pads
  2. Select the Task Pad that will have the "Set Salesperson" button.
  3. Select an available button to edit.
  4. Set the Text of the button to be "Set Salesperson" or something similar.
  5. Enter the Command type to be [Custom]
  6. Enter the Custom command name to be SetSalesperson
    It should appear exactly like the image below:

  7. Click "Save" when finished.

    Note: you may need to close and reopen the POS to see the new button.

How do I assign a Salesperson?
  1. Click on your newly created sales rep button.
  2. Select the sales rep from the drop-down field and click OK.

  3. A comment will be added to the transaction with the Salesperson name.
    If you selected the wrong name in error, you can reselect the Salesperson.
    If you need to clear the Salesperson, you can select N/A or restart the transaction.

How do I see commission earned?
  1. Navigate to Reports > Sales Commission Report.
Q: If I return or void a transaction, will the commission also be returned?
A: You must always select the Salesperson when voiding or returning a transaction, otherwise the commission earned will stay.

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