This article will detail how to attach a product to a button to add it to a transaction.  


You will need to create a button and link it to the product.

1.       From the back office, go to Admin > Task pads

2.       Select the task pad your register(s) are using

a.       To find this out go to Admin > Device / register list

b.       Select a register at your location > Click “Edit Selected                       Register(s)”

c.       Scroll down until you see “Default task pad name”

d.       The value in the box is the task pad your register is using by              default. Most likely this will be set to "POS DEFAULT"

3.       After selecting your default task pad, select a button you wish to modify

4.       Give the button a relevant name in the Text field

5.       If necessary, set the roles under Available for roles

6.       In the Command text box add this text: “Sales: Add Line Item” (no quotes)

7.       In the text box below add the UPC of the product you want the button to add         into the transaction

8.       Click “Save”

9.       Sync the POS and reboot Cloud Retailer for changes to take effect

Here is a video highlighting the above steps:

Average Time to Complete

30 minutes for one task pad