Code - an identification for the order type

Name - name of the order type

Scope - How this order type will be define

  1. Location - it’ll affect by location

  2. Specific POS station - it’ll affect by register

  3. Global - it’ll affect everything

Syncs to Channe(s)  - typically POS and or Mobile


Can apply deposit - Decides if deposits are applicable for this type of order

Contribute to commit inventory - Decides if the order contributes to ‘committed’ quantities on items for ordering and other purposes

Default Deposit Amount (fixed or %) - Decides what is the default deposit amount(if applicable). Can be either a fixed value or a percentage

Default order date (days from now) - Numer of days between the creation date and the default order date.

Force Deposit - Works only for order types that can apply deposit. Instead of asking for the amount of deposit, the suggested amount is taken

Is order printed - Should this order be printed

Order Date Caption - Name, explaining the usage of the order(e.g. Expiration date, completion date)

Prompt for details at pre tender - Decides if the oder prompts the cashier for the ‘details’ screen where a reference number and comments can be specified

Refresh pricing - Should refresh the pricing of order line item during recall order (Refreshing the pricing can remove discounts)

Requires customer - Decides if the customer is needed to create the order

Task Pad Name - Decides which task pad should be displayed when the order is in POS.

Tax Persist Behavior - Should the tax jurisdictions be saved with each line item