Cloud Retailer Payment Method Display Order

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    The display order of Payment Methods (or Tender Types) in Cloud Retailer is easily configurable by the appropriate user. Many new users of Cloud Retailer are coming from a different system and are very used to their Payment Methods (or Tender Types) being in a specific order. We do not wish to unnecessarily inconvenience users of Cloud Retailer by forcing them into a Payment Methods (or Tender Types) display order they are not used to.


1)    To start please make a list of your Payment Methods (or Tender Types) in the order you wish them                      to be presented in the Tender window of Cloud Retailer POS. 

2)    Number the list in order starting with 10 (Ten).     

       For example:    

    10.    Cash     

    20.    Credit Card     

    30.    Debit Card     

    40.    Check     

    50.    Gift Certificate     

    60.    Store Credit     

    70.    Terminal Check 

3)    Open your Cloud Retailer Administration site: (e.g.)     

       Where YourBusiness is the name of your business’s Cloud Retailer site. 

4)    Login with your administrator credentials when prompted. 

5)    Click “Admin” icon on left sidebar 

6)    Find and click “Payment methods” link on this page. HINT: Typing “Payment” in the Admin Catalog                     search box will quickly present the “Payment methods” link for you to click. 

7)    Here you will see your Payment Methods (or Tender Types). They are in the listed order they are                         sorted by column. This has no relation to their display order in the POS Tender window. You do not                     need to re-order this list. 

8)    To set the display order please do the following:     

    *    Select your first payment type by clicking the check box. Cash in our above example.        

    *    Click “Edit Selected Payment Method”        

    *    In “Display order” input 10. This will now be our top payment type in Cloud Retailer POS.        

    *    Click “Save” button.  There will be a message stating that you will be required to close the shift at the                 POS for the changes to take effect. This also means that those who are currently on-shift will not be                  interrupted by this change at this time.          

    *    You can either close this window now or click “Cancel” if you have already “Saved”. Clicking                                 “Cancel” BEFORE saving will make no change. Clicking “Cancel” after saving just closes the                                   window.        

    *    Select your next payment type by clicking the check box. Credit Card in our above example.        

    *    Click “Edit Selected Payment Method”        

    *    In “Display order” input 20. This will now be our second payment type after the top payment                              type in Cloud Retailer POS.        

    *    Click “Save” and as before, click “Cancel” or close the window.        

    *    Repeat these steps for each Payment Type in your list using the appropriate number to specify                           Display Order. Note: Please review all the payment types one-by-one afterwards to ensure they have all             been updated with the desired order and to ensure there are no duplicates. If there is a mistake, just                  repeat the process line-by-line until they are numbered as desired.     

9)    For the changes to take effect; the POS shift must be closed.    

    *    On Cloud Retailer POS, Click Manager Tasks tab.        

    *    Click “END DAY”        

    *    Click “Close Register Shift”        

    *    Reconcile Shift if desired, but not required for this process.        

    *   “Close”     

10)    The POS has now been updated and the new order will be visible when the next transaction is                          tendered. Thank you.

Here is a video covering some of the above steps:

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