Cannot connect to shared Zebra printer 

The Host computer can still print to the shared zebra printer connected via USB but the other computers on the network connected to the shared zebra printer can't connect or add it and gets the error on the below image. 

This issue is caused by the Windows Update KB5005565.


  1. Uninstall the Windows updates KB5005565 in the host computer.
  2. Remove the printer driver on the 2nd computer and add it again via a network. 

There is another Windows update causing the Shared Printer issue below is the Error when trying to add a shared network printer.

This issue is caused by the Windows Update KB5006670.

and when trying to add the shared printer manually you'll get this error as well.

To resolve this error, the Windows Update KB5006670 needs to be uninstalled on all computers.

Please note if you remove KB 5006670 then KB 5005565 will install itself (automatically), before restarting check again if both KB has been completely uninstalled then restart.

Steps on how to uninstall windows updates in Windows 10.

1. Open Settings


2. Select Update and Security

3. Click View update history.

4. Click Uninstall updates.

5. Copy and paste the Windows updates to the search bar and click uninstall.

You'll be asked to confirm and you may be prompted to restart your device after uninstalling the selected Windows update.

Steps on how to pause Windows updates

Click again the Settings then Update and Security

1. You can just click the Pause Windows for 7 days

2. You can click the Advanced options and select your desired pause date.