We've put together a list of our most viewed & liked help desk articles for easy reference!


  1. Cloud Retailer Community Training Schedule and Calendar
  2. Common reasons for batch settlement errors
  3. How to reboot your Pax payment terminal
  4. A terminal is getting a 912 (or 902) Decline
  5. Setting up the Zebra ZD410 on a computer with Zebra Browser Print
  6. Supported Card Defender Payment Terminals
  7. Hardware / Network Requirements for Cloud Retailer
  8. Setting up Epson & Star OPOS with a Cash Drawer - Cloud Retailer and RMS
  9. Hands On Training Labs/Community Training Information
  10. Troubleshooting Zebra Browser Print Issue
  11. Community Deployment Overview
  12. Support Covered by Subscription Fee
  13. Conducting a physical inventory count
  14. Configuring Scanners and MSR's to send STX / ETX
  15. Supported Credit Card Processors
  16. Shared Zebra Printer issues
  17. Card Defender Support Policy
  18. Cloud Retailer Mobile App - LITE Edition
  19. Card Defender Network Requirements
  20. Card Defender Pax Terminal Warranty
  21. Designing your own labels
  22. Recommended end of day / shift process for cashiers
  23. Getting help!
  24. Automatic Batching of Credit Card Payments
  25. Unit of measure / repeating barcodes