Eagle Eye Camera System Integration

Modified on Sat, 22 Jan, 2022 at 11:12 AM


The Eagle Eye Camera System Integration allows you to dive into relevant camera footage directly from the receipt viewer function in Cloud Retailer.

The idea is that a store owner may find suspicious activity in a report > drill down into the transaction receipts to learn more, and from there want to see the footage from the POS at the moment the sale occurred.  This tooling enables this capability.



  1. Enable the CloudRetailer.Plugins.Integrability.EagleEye plugin
  2. In Global Entity Settings (GES) > Footage > Set the drop down to "EagleEye Document Journal Footage"
  3. In GES > Eagle Eye Integration
    1. Enter a username and password for a super that can log into the Eagle Eye software
    2. Set the URL for the website that is used to log into the Eagle Eye software - for example: https://ptech.eagleeyenetworks.com/g/aaa. The username and password provided in (1) above should function on this site - though you may need to trim off the g/aaa
    3. Generate an API key in the Eagle Eye software and set it inside the GES.  Screenshot example below:


  1. Go to Reports > Eagle Eye Device Mappings
  2. Locate the ESN for each camera that you wish to attach to a given POS station and populate the value in this grid.  To find the ESN for a given camera go into the Eagle Eye software > click the settings for the camera (screenshot below), and then capture the ESN value.  Copy and paste it and make sure to hit the enter key in the report to save.


When you're in the past receipt viewer, you will now see a camera icon above the receipt you are viewing.  As long as a camera is connected to this POS station you can now drill down into the footage.


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