The Profit Margin Report is capable of defining a per-Product Category (Department or Category) Target Retail Margin that the report then reports against for products.  This article walks through configuring this Target Retail Margin value.

NOTE: This report requries the Profit Checker Report Package to be installed on your instance.  If you are missing the links in this article, open up a ticket with our Cloud Retailer helpdesk.


  1. Log in to your Cloud Retailer Back Office
  2. From the left-hand menu, click Products -> Product Categories
  3. For each Product Category you wish to configure:
    1. Click on the Product Category in the treeview
    2. Click the Edit Selected Product Category(s) button
    3. Find the Product Category Tabbed Attribute Set Form (or Product Category) section
    4. Click on the Profit Checker Settings tab/button 
    5. Set the Target retail margin field to be the desired retail profit margin for the entire Product Category
    6. (Optional) Set the Target sale margin field to be the sales profit margin for the entire Product Category
    7. Click the Save button dropdown and choose Save and Close
TIP: The values set on the "Category" level will override values set at the "Department" level.  This nesting is not currently supported at the "Sub-category" level.


Here is a video showing the above Procedure: