FAQ- Why am I not on the latest version of Cloud Retailer?

Modified on Fri, 28 Jul 2023 at 09:41 AM

This article will explain why the Cloud retailer Back Office and Point of Sale software do not automatically update when a new version is released.

Cloud Retailer Update FAQs

  • Can updates be automated?
    Currently, Cloud Retailer does not support automatic updating.

  • How often is a new version of Cloud Retailer released?
    We typically release a new version of Cloud Retailer every Friday morning.

  • Why don't I get the new version when it's released?
    Most of the updates we make in our weekly release are minor changes that only affect a small percentage of users. These changes are often insignificant to most users and do not provide any enhanced or new functionality to most users. On the other hand, if that week's update is in response to a user-reported enhancement, we will reach out to the customers who need the update and get it scheduled.

  • Am I missing anything important if I'm not on the latest version?
    No. In most cases, it is much better to NOT update your current version unless there is a specific new/improved feature you want to use. 

  • How do I know if a new feature is being released?
    You can view our release notes here. Our release notes will list what has changed in the current version. If you see a new feature and would like to use it, reach out to us to get an update scheduled.

  • Why wouldn't I request an update for each release, wouldn't it be better to update before there's a problem?
    Although it seems counter-intuitive, the best approach to updating your system is by only updating when it is necessary. Changing a car's oil every 1000 miles would be better than every 3000, but should it be that frequent? Doing so would be much more expensive and time-consuming. It's just not necessary.

    In the same way, updating your system too often will have negative consequences. Right now, updating an instance involves several hours of technician time (at no cost to you). Much of this involves extensive testing to ensure that your system will work appropriately after the update. If we performed this process on every system each week, we wouldn't be able to assist our customers to answer support tickets or work on developing new features!

  • How often should I update?
    As long as you are not experiencing any abnormal behavior, there is no defined point at which a user "needs" to update Cloud Retailer. However, we are always building a better product by enhancing existing features and adding new features. The only way to get new features is by updating. Check out our release notes here to see what we've changed in our most recent updates!

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