Lag When Processing Transaction

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If you're encountering delays in processing transactions on Cloud Retailer, this guide can help you find a solution. The issue discussed here pertains to a specific problem that may arise between EPSON OPOS ADK and Microsoft's built-in Point of Service. Follow the steps outlined in this article to determine if this problem is causing any slowdown in transaction speed and to implement a solution to fix it.

Confirming and Locating the Issue

Before implementing a fix we need to ensure the interaction between EPSON OPOS ADK and Microsoft's built-in Point of Service is causing the issue. The directory in which the fix will be implemented will also be found in this process.

  1. Press the Window's key, search for "Computer Management" and press enter.
  2. On the left-hand side select the drop-down arrow for Event Viewer then select the drop-down menu for Windows Logs and finallyselect Application.
  3. On the right-hand side select Filter Current Log...
  4. Check the box next to Warning and select Microsoft Point Of Service in the drop-down menu next to Event sources: and press enter.  Select OK. 
  5. Look through the logs until you find an error like the one below.

  6. If you don't have any error logs like this, double-check your filters and ensure you are in the Application logs under Windows logs as mentioned in step 2. If you still don't have this message attempt a transaction and try again. If there is still no error log, explore other troubleshooting options. If you do have the error log, highlight and copy the directory as seen below and continue to the Implementing the Solution section.

Implementing the Solution

To correct the issue we will need to insert a specific file in a specific directory. The file needed is attached below. Follow the steps below for the instructions on where to put this file to resolve the issue.

  1. Press the Window's key, search "File Explorer" and press enter.
  2. In the search field at the top, paste the directory we copied earlier in step 6 of Confirming and Locating the Issue. Press enter.
  3. Move the Configuration.xml from your downloads folder to the directory we just opened in the previous step. Ensure the name of the file is still exactly Configuration.xml. Configuration (1).xml will not work.
  4. Close File Explorer and attempt the transaction again. The issue should no longer be present.

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