If you find that you are not able to view a customers purchase history for certain users at the POS there is a way to correct this.


  1. Log into the back office with a user that has Admin permissions.
  2. Click on Admin on the left side.
  3. Search for "Manage Employee Roles" and click on it to open it.
  4. Select the Role you would like to edit. Typical roles are similar, but not limited to, "Admin", "Head Cashier", "Limited Cashier".
  5. Click "Edit Selected Role(s)"
  6. Scroll down to "Customers Management"
  7. Enable "View"
  8. Scroll down to "Report Management"
  9. Enable "View"
  10. Click "Save"
  11. Wait about a minute for the POS to automatically sync.
  12. Go back to the POS and log out with the current user.
  13. Log in as a user with the Role you just adjusted.
  14. Verify that they can now view customer's history.
Note: You may need to close the POS and restart it if you still are unable to view customer history.

Average Time to Complete

15 minutes including restarting POS

Here is a video showing the above procedure: