Using the procedure described here, customers who have a negative balance (this means they owe the store money / have been making purchases on their account) can make a payment on their store account. You can also use this procedure to add a positive balance to a customer account (store credit - where the store will owe them money - typically as a result of a return that you did not give cash back on).


  1. At the POS, start a transaction and select a customer 
  2. In the Customers Lookup Form, select the customer 
  3. Click on View/Edit Selected

4.  In the Customer Form, click on Make Payment.

5.  In the Customer Credit Payment Form, enter the amount of the payment received
6. Click the Pay button

7.  The Transaction Payments screen will appear. Finish the transaction with the tender the customer is using to make the payment.

Here is a video showing the above procedure:

Average Time to Complete

10 minutes