Daily and weekly recommendations for managers

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    This article will cover some of our suggested workflows for managers.  


For our recommendations on how cashiers should end their day see this article:

There are a few key things that we recommend managers do daily for the sake of making sure their store is healthy, most of these steps revolve around the "Summarized End of Day Report" which is where we've placed most of the information you need for a daily review of the operations.  Here are the key factors:

  • Look at your average sales transaction size and how it's trending.  Many retail experts state that average transaction size is a key indicator of a retail operations health.
  • Look at your largest transaction - drill down into it and see what it was.  Review this every day on a per store basis.  We can't state a generally what you'll find but we can say it's almost always interesting and important.  The largest sale should be a figure you can click on in the report to drill down into the receipt.
  • Look at all voids and returns, confirm that they appear legitimate
  • Look at your discounts breakdown, make sure they appear inline with your expectations
  • Look at no sale and canceled transaction counts - review them as a percentage of sales overall (a day with higher sales will result in more no-sales)
  • Manual inventory adjustments - these are situations where a user has simply gone into a product and adjusted it's on hand count.  This could be natural (breakage) or not.  Review and confirm it matches with your expectations.

Things to review regularly but maybe not daily:

  • Sales by hour - we recommend you filter the report so that you're viewing a month at a time.  Look for changing trends so that you can make sure your hours of operation make sense.
  • "Per Store Price Comparison" report - this report will show you any stores where product pricing is not equal to other stores.  Check this to make sure that store pricing variances are in line with your expectation.
  • "Trending Sales By Store & Department" is a great report for observing trends in department and store sales.  Look for changes so you can adjust your product mix accordingly.
TIP: Almost any report in Cloud Retailer can be automatically emailed to you on a routine basis.  Please work with the Cloud Retailer support team for assistance in setting this up.


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