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    Tags on products or other data types can be useful for filtering and reporting, but in some cases, they have an additional meaning.  This document outlines those tags and their use.


Product tag: EBT

Requires placeholder text configuration.  If enabled the system will limit what products can be purchased by a specific tender type.  For example; only products with the EBT tag can be paid for with the EBT tender type.

Product tag: InventoryPurchaseDisabled

This tag prevents placing of products on a supplier purchase plan, or PO.  

Product tag: IgnoreCost

This relates to the "Zero Cost" report summary which identifies problem products by finding anything that has a zero cost that shouldn't.

Product tag: IgnoreQuantity

If you apply this tag to a product it will not accumulate toward the total quantity of items counted at the bottom of the POS (data for a cashiers reference only).

Product tag: System Default Product

This tag represents products that come with an empty system database.

Product tag: Weighted

If you apply this tag to a product when it's added to the POS it will capture the weight from an attached scale and set that as it's quantity.

Product tag: Cash Drop

A product with this tag will populate the Cash Drop field on the End of Day report.

Product tag: Cash Payout

A product with this tag will populate the Cash Payout field on the End of Day report.

Product tag: NotReportable

Excludes non contributing sales product from the EOD reporting. This only works if the product is set as a not contributing to sales product.


Device tag: DoNotTrack

This specifically applies to the "Registers Not Synchronized In Last Hour" report summary.  If you mark a given device / POS register as something that you don't want to track then this report summary will not include it in its report results.  A common example is a tradeshow POS station that may not be used often.

Additionally, any POS station with this tag applied will be excluded from automatic updates.

Device tag: EShop-Exclude

This tag excludes a given product from your e-commerce site IF you are using the integrated Uncorked Commerce engine.

Here is a video showing how to add tags to products:

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