How to configure and use age verification

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    Cloud Retailer has built-in age verification functionality.  You can configure it in a few ways.

NOTE- Our Age Verification currently scans IDs issued from all 50 U.S. States as well as several Canadian Provinces. It cannot read military IDs. Scanning any other IDs may cause unintended behavior.


You can configure it to prompt at the beginning of the transaction or at the end of the transaction - these settings are found in Admin > Admin Catalog > Global Entity Settings > Age Verification tab.

Here you also control the minimum age if any data will appear in the transaction comments.

If you configure the system to prompt at the beginning of the transaction, it will always ask a user to verify the age of the customer and it will use the minimum age to validate or turn away a customer.

The format of age verification comment and proxy product are related.  When you verify someone's age a product will be added to the transaction ($0 item) that will contain a comment formatted based on the format setting.  This does a few things for you:

  1. It attaches the fact that you verified an ID to a specific sale.
  2. If you check more than one ID they will each be attached to the transaction
  3. By capturing some of the driver's license data and printing it on the receipt it serves as proof to law enforcement that you did your job.

If you choose for the system to prompt at the end of the transaction it will only prompt based on a filter.  You can configure this filter by going to Admin > Age Verification filter

It will ONLY prompt at the end of the transaction if a product matches this filter.  This allows you to prompt when cigarettes are sold, for example, and not when other products are sold.


You can also configure permissions on a user role basis (Admin > Manage employee roles). 

You can determine if:

  • View / Edit the age verification filters.
  • CanNeverPrompt will make it so that the user is never prompted to verify a drivers license.  Often used for owners or managers.
  • CanOverride means that they can or cannot close the age verification prompt.  If you override it will log an entry on the transaction that you did an override.
  • CanCancel - this is the same as override except it will not log the event.
  • CanDoManualEntry means that someone can manually enter a date of birth.  If this option is not checked it will force the physical scan or swipe of a drivers license.

At the point of sale, you typically would swipe or scan a drivers license at this point.  If the setting to prompt with results is enabled (we highly recommend that it is) you will see something like this depending on which state you are in:

From here you can create a new customer using this data OR if the customer exists already and depending on the configuration of the system it may assign an existing customer to the transaction.

Average Time to Complete

10 minutes


Q: Does Cloud Retailer detect fake IDs?

A:  No.

Cloud Retailer validate the structure of the data against the federal and state government's standards. Our Age Verification process is simple and helps users stay above the legal standards for their responsibilities. To detect fake IDs with any reasonable certainty, one would have to subscribe to an identity verification service. We currently do not offer a means to integrate with such services and recommend adequate employee training to detect fake IDs.

Video showing the Global Entity Settings for Age Verification:

Helpful video showing the filter settings and employee role settings:

How Age Verification works:

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