You may have come across a column on a report that you're not quite sure what it means. Here is a list of common abbreviations on reports:


Abbreviation Meaning
 Adj Adjusted
 Avg Average
 CR Cloud Retailer
 Damount of Days or just "Days" -- Ex. 7D is 7 Days
 EBT Electronic Benefit Transfer (food stamps)
 EOM End of Month
 ID Identifier
 LM Last Month
 LW Last Week
 M x amount of months or just "Month" Ex. 3M is 3 Months
 No Number
 PO Purchase Order
 QTO Quantity to Order
 QTY Quantity
 QoH Quantity on Hand
 Rec Received
 Ref Reference
 Trans Transaction
 UoM Unit of Measure
 WOS Week of Supply (I.e. # of weeks of supply)
 XOut # of Quantity out
 XIn # of Quantity In
 YTD Year to Date