This article will detail how to set up products to use as rental items for Cloud Retailer rent registration.  


Creating and configuring keg deposits

Keg deposits will need to be setup and configured in the back office.

  1. Go to Products > Add New Product
  2. Set the Description to “KEG DEPOSIT
  3. Product type is “Standard
  4. Set the retail price to your choice and make sure “No Tax” is applied
  5. Assign the appropriate Size, Department, and Category (you may need to create these)
  6. Click “Save

Steps 1-6 is repeated for each deposit you’re creating such as, tapper deposit, cooler deposit, etc. 

Setting up keg products

When creating a keg product, set the category to your specific keg category. Then, add the keg deposit as a tag along item.

  1. Click “Tag along products” button
  2. Click “Add new entry
  3. Enter in the product code for your keg deposit
  4. Click “Save
This will automatically add the keg deposit as a line item when a keg is scanned / selected at the POS.

Setting up keg add-in rental fees

You may want to charge rental fees for keg add-ins. To accomplish this, set these up as a product - this is the same as creating deposits, but tax is applied. 

For each rental fee, you will need to set them up as tag along products for their corresponding deposit. For example, "TAPPER DEPOSIT" will have a tag along product called "TAPPER RENTAL" This is to ensure that "TAPPER RENTAL" is added as a line item when "TAPPER DEPOSIT" is added to the transaction.

Here is a video highlighting the keg and keg rental products in Cloud Retailer:

See this article for setting up rent registration: https://helpdesk.cloudretailer.com/a/solutions/articles/67000669415?portalId=67000083022

See this article for creating categories and departments: https://helpdesk.cloudretailer.com/a/solutions/articles/67000669344?portalId=67000083022

Average Time to Complete

30 minutes