Store Transfers - Creating, sending and receiving

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   In a multi-store environment, there may be a time that you need to transfer inventory from one location to another.

This can be easily done through the Purchase orders/store transfers tool.


Creating a store transfer
  1. Navigate to Tools > Purchase orders/store transfers
  2. Click the [Add Transfer between stores] button.

    A reference number will automatically populate or you can define your own.
    You may also add notes about this store transfer for your reference.

  3. Select a location from. This is where the product(s) will come from.
  4. Select a location to. This is where the products(s) will go to.

    Entry time: You may leave this at the default selection or you can select the date
    in which the inventory was actually received.

  5. Leave the Status as "Inventory not received"
  6. Scan or manually search for your products to transfer
  7. Once you have all your products entered, click the [Save] button.

    At this stage, the store transfer is pending. No inventory has been moved.
    You can come back to this store transfer and add, edit or remove products.

Sending a store transfer

  1. Change the status of the store transfer to "Inventory Sent"
  2. Click the [Save] button.

Receiving a store transfer

Before changing the status, ensure the correct quantities have been received.
The store transfer will auto populate the current quantity being sent.

  1. Make any corrections by manually changing the "Quantity Received" quantity.

    You can only edit the "Quantity Received" when the store transfer status is set to "Inventory Sent".

  2. Once the quantities are verified, change the status to "Inventory Received".
  3. Click the [Save] button.

Here is a video highlighting the above steps:

Average Time to Complete

15 minutes


Q: I made a mistake, what can I do?
A: As long as the status of the store transfer is not "Posted", you can change the status back to that stage you want to edit.

Q: What is Discrepancy Allowed?
A: This only affects the Store Transfers Quantities Discrepancy Report. If discrepancy allowed is checked, then the line item will not show up in the report.

Q: What is Posted status?
A: This status will finalize the store transfer and make it permanent preventing anyone from making any changes.
     This action cannot be undone, please be careful.

Q: What is Inventory not received status?
A: This is the default option. When this is selected, the store transfer is pending and no inventory has been moved.

Q: What is Inventory Sent status?
A: The inventory has been sent or is in transit to the destination. The products have been removed from inventory at the originating store.

Q: What is inactive status?
A: Store transfers cannot be deleted; however, you can make them inactive. An inactive transfer will have no effect on inventory.

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