In order for Cloud Retailer to operate properly in your environment you'll need to open up the following ports on your firewall:

On any computer accessing the back-office app (browser-based) you'll need to have- TCP ports 80 and 443 outbound to XXXXXX.CloudRetailer.com where XXXXXX is the name of your specific instance opened.

On any computer running the windows-based POS thin client application - TCP ports 80, 443, 4001-4030 outbound to *.cloudretailer.com where * is a wildcard.

For credit card processing you'll need port 10009 open between the POS windows machine and the payment terminal on your local area network.  Additionally, you'll need to allow internet access from the payment terminal (outbound TCP) to the web.  Due to a variety of operational challenges, we can't always provide exhaustive port requirements with regard to credit card terminals. We do know at a minimum that you will need Ports 53, 80, 443, and 9120 open to outbound traffic. Ports 8001 and 8582 (outbound) are also required for terminal firmware updates. We also recommend that you have someone monitor your firewall occasionally as requirements may change over time.

Our remote access software requires outbound ports 443 and 8041.  For more information see Remote Access Expectations and Details.

If you'd like to commission our team to work with you to monitor packets and make recommendations about your firewall implementation, we can do that - just ask!  This service would be considered a premium service and is not part of your standard support provided with your Cloud Retailer subscription.